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What you need to know when arrested in Texas – Barry Bobbitt Interview – May 2016

ON NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RADIO TALK SHOW ‘MONEY FOR LUNCH’ Bert: You have to prepare for any situation and my next guest, Attorney Barry Bobbitt. He is sort of the managing partner for the Bobbitt Law Firm where he concentrates his focus of practice in the areas of criminal defense. Barry is intensely committed to fighting […]

How to Move on After a Wrongful Death Case

Wrongful death cases are unfortunately the most emotionally-charged cases attorneys can bring in civil court. They involve innocent family members who have had to go through the difficult endeavor of burying a loved one, along with the added expense of any medical bills their loved one accrued before death, burial expenses, and the loss of […]

High-Speed Chase Ends on Dallas Love Field Runway

DALLAS/ AUSTIN/ FORT WORTH- A high-speed police chase through the city last month finally ended in the arrest of Michael Lawrence Brown, 46, a suspect wanted in connection with several robberies in the Dallas area. Brown was taken into custody near Love Field airport’s busy runways after an hour of police pursuit. A gray Chevrolet […]

How Motorcycles Keep Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Business

Motorcycles are, tragically, a leading cause of fatal accidents around the country, including the Dallas, Austin or Fort Worth areas. The lack of protection motorcyclists have upon collision coupled with the lack of experience in riding that so many motorcyclists exhibit leads to terrible results on the road. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

Texas Driver’s License Fines and Suspensions

The Texas Driver Responsibility Program: Points on Your License The Texas State legislature enacted into law the Texas Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) to track traffic violations by individual drivers. Under this law, the DRP assigns points to the driver’s license of individuals based on the number of traffic violations accrued over time and then assesses […]


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