Joey Wiebe
I use Bobbitt Law and they where an awesome. I would recommend them to anyone. They are great.9/11/17
 Tonya Stone
I used the firm to represent an $815 traffic ticket that I felt was unjustified. The lawyer assigned to my case listened to my concerns and agreed that they were valid and suggested we take the case to trial. We did so and the case was ultimately dismissed. Thank you so much Bobbit Law. You saved me a lot of money! I would recommend this firm to others.9/10/17
 Mike Henson
My case was handled without any additional expense other than my initial payment to the law firm. Very happy with the outcome9/10/17
 Twana Warren
I used Bobbitt Law Firm for a few tickets and I was very pleased. They kept me informed and I had to do very little on my end.9/7/17
 Norma Karakurt
Bobbitt Law took care of my speeding ticket quickly and efficiently. I did not have to drive all the way back to Dallas to deal with it and they answered all my questions in a timely manner. Saved me time, money and headaches.9/6/17
 Robert Laster
Bobbitt Law firm were very professional and on point with helping me get my ticket dismissed. They were very organized and made me feel comfortable with the entire process. The other thing I like was that they were on time and ready when I got to the court house. Good Job!9/6/17
 Jimmy Matsler
Two different lawyers from Bobbitt Law represented me successfully in court regarding a speeding ticket. Very professional and effective.8/23/17
 Brady A.
Easy to call for updates. got my ticket dismissed! It was a long process as I had to get a continuation for my first court date but Bobbitt law was easy to work with. They schedule the court dates so all of their clients are there the same so they can zoom through all the cases.8/21/17
 Brandon S.
Most of the people that are upset did not actually need a lawyer. I even sat by one of these people in pre-trial court. However I needed a lawyer for sure because I was speeding 95 in a 65 and was not eligible to get it off my record. Well this office fixed that for me. I got 6 mos deferred and taking a defensive driving class. Yes you must pay THEIR fee plus the TICKET, do you think they work for free? No. Seriously why hire a lawyer if you can do the same thing at court. I couldn’t, so I hired a lawyer. I also noticed these people that are upset don’t do the legwork leading to warrants being issued for their arrest.
The main reason to hire a lawyer for 80% of people is so you don’t have to show up in court. Initial Court costs are ALWAYS due at pre trial whether you are there or not. If you DON’T want to attend, pay your court costs to the attorney. $102, they will take care of it for you. Yes the office is hard to get ahold of sometimes, they are busy. Ask a lot of questions initially and always follow up with everything. You’ll do fine.
They worked for me!!
 Reggie Barker
Bobbitt Law has been wonderfully helpful with my traffic tickets over the last many years! Thank you for being advocates for me! Great customer service!8/16/17
 Caren B.
Bobbitt Law is amazing! The girls Melissa at the front is so incredibly helpful! I have had PLENTY of tickets over the years and they have taken the best care of me! Thank you Bobbie Law!8/15/17
 Sake F.
ALL 3 tickets DISMISSED! Got that sweet letter of dismissal in the mail! Feels soooo gooood!
I got an ad letter in the mail from Bobbitt Law, I gave them a call and explained that I’m not from Arlington, and I didn’t want to drive all the way down there to just to go to court. They informed that I didn’t have to, we could handle everything over the phone and email! I can attest that the people I dealt with were indeed professionals. I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about bogus tickets biting me in the butt!
Would hire again.
 Melissa W.
Great staff!! Great deal!!! Quality lawyers!!!!! They get take care of warrants and are great to work with7/31/17
Case Dismissed
I hired Bobbitt Law Firm for a criminal case and for traffic tickets my Attorney worked diligently and had my cases Dismissed. Great Law Firm and would definitely use them in the future and recommend there services.
 Louise S.
The attorneys are easy to contact and provided me his cell phone number. Very happy and I will use this firm again if I ever have to get an attorney (I hope that I won’t need to though!)7/28/17
 M B.
Bobbitt Law Attorneys do their very best to get you a positive result.  If you want to take it all the way to a jury trial, they stand by you every step of the way.7/27/17
 Rodney R.
My lawyer,Ben Martin was fantastic. Your initial interaction with the underlings who answer the phones may be a little iffy, but once you get to the lawyers they are great. Really know what they are doing and well worth the money.7/27/17
 Juana G.
Bobbitt Law helped me dismiss my speeding ticket. They did everything for me, not once did I have to appear in court!7/27/17
 Jason F.
The Bobbitt Law Firm provides excellent customer service with knowledgeable and friendly staff; they will fight to get the best possible results.7/27/17
Ticket dismissal
contacted/hired bobbitt to have a ticket dismissed. he explained and did just what he said he could do. I would hire him again.
 Miguel Uresti
I went to court on 6/9 with Laura it was a jp ticket that i had hired them 3 yrs ago for while waiting ( honestly did not want to come to court) but followed her recommendations and came my case was dismissed i was wowed i had to wait for a slip but as I sat there I heard the clerk tell my attorney that 200 yeah 200 traffic tickets where getting dismissed on the spot. I could not believe it I asked Laura she said that Because they took so long to gives us a court date that the court was dismissing them based on Laura telling them they had been waiting a long time she even had one waiting 8 yrs. I was amazed that this could happen so many times I was upset that I kept calling and them telling me we where waiting for a court date but we truly were. I will continue to trust Bobbitt Law. Be patient and really follow their instructions make sure to check their letters and continue and email for follow ups. I know we have seen a few changes but they are working thru them and offering amazing results in the end.7/26/17
 Juan Elvia
They handled my dad’s traffic tickets and were able to get them dismissed! The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable!7/26/17
 Laura P.
Call them! They will work hard for you and they even offer free consultations! They are friendly and experienced!7/26/17
 Jessica Nunez
Thanks to Bobbitt Law I was able to get both my tickets dismissed! They worked so hard to make sure I wouldn’t be haunted by these! Thanks guys!!7/26/17
 Jocelyn Rivera
Bobbitt Law has helped me with several traffic tickets which could have caused my license to get suspended. Thanks to their attorneys I have no points on my license and my insurance rates have remained the same!!!7/26/17
 Leslie Vossmer
They handle all my tickets and have never let me down. Everyone is so nice there and you really feel like they are on your side.7/26/17
 Fatima Navarro
Courteous knowledgeable staff. The best attorneys in Dallas. I recommend this firm to anyone in need of traffic or criminal legal assistance.7/26/17
 Jessica V.
They handled a speeding ticket for me about a month ago, Leslie help set me up was really friendly and informed me every step of the way. I did choose to attend court and wasn’t there longer than 15 minutes with the attorney Benton and my ticket was dismissed!7/25/17
 Leslie V.
I reached out to Bobbitt Law to assist with my husbands criminal charge. Jocelyn and Monica took charge and got me all the information I needed and made sure we were in the loop the entire time. Our attorney Ben was so kind to us and it was refreshing to finally feel like someone was on our side.  My husband is able to put a bad situation behind him and continue with his normal day to day life7/25/17
 Luke M.

I usually handle tickets on my own but Dallas wanted to charge me over $300 for speeding so I called this for just to see what they could do. I decided to fb everything them a chance since I was going out of town and couldn’t make it to court. I used their power of attorney thing and they got my ticket off my record for a cheap fine I saved at least $100 and didn’t have to go to court.7/25/17
 Brandon A.
I was in Austin for a friend’s graduation and got a ticket for running a stop sign by a cop that was nowhere near me. I didn’t have time to go back to Austin just to talk to a clerk and say hey I want to talk to a judge another day. My friend told me about this firm. I wasn’t too sure about them at first because of the reviews but I gave them a try. All together it took about a month in a half but I got a letter in the mail saying my case was dismissed. If I ever get stopped in Austin again I’ll definitely use them again.7/25/17
 Matthew D.
Would highly recommend this attorney.  After i got a speeding ticket in Dallas, i called them.  The friendly associate walked me through the process.  After my court date arrived, i showed up with my attorney and she was able to get the case dismissed, not much fuss about it!  If you’re looking to fight your ticket, look no further than this firm.7/25/17
 Jocelyn R.
My brother was having a court appointed attorney handle his DWI and he went several months not being able to contact him.I finally decided it was time to hire a private attorney as everything that I heard about court appointed attorneys seemed to be true – no way to contact them! I scheduled my brother’s free consultation with the Bobbitt Law criminal team and we received the most warm welcome to their office. We felt a connection right away as the criminal team provides a lot of information about the criminal justice system – you can tell these people have been doing this for a while. Once we decided to hire Bobbitt Law to handle my brother’s DWI my brother and I got the attorney’s personal cell phone number and we can call/text him as needed. If you have a criminal matter pending I highly recommend this law firm – CALL NOW!!7/25/17
 Ravain O.
Bobbitt Law handled a few old citations for my boyfriend. They were really informative when he first called and responded to emails quickly.  They kept him from being arrested. Laura was really sweet and helpful. She fought hard for his dismissals.7/25/17
Great Work
I was treated with a respect and had a easy time figuring out what I needed in order to get what I wanted. Could not be happier with the process!
 Jessie Gonzalez

(Star review only)7/12/17
 Ashley Clement
(Star review only)7/5/17
 Ronald W.
This is the best law firm I have ever used,the pricing is fair and the staff is very concerned about getting their clients to satisfaction status,I am very pleased with the results of my case ,and will definitely keep them as my go to firm to use on any of future citations I may get,give these guys a try …..6/25/17
 Jeffrey J.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Barry Bobbitt. At every turn, I was impressed with his professionalism and breadth of knowledge. I give Barry the highest endorsement. If you have criminal defense problems, you need to call Barry!5/30/17
 Jo T.
My ticket was dismissed! It took awhile, as courts move like molasses, but it happened!5/29/17
 Keeon R.
I was very pleased with the results of Bobbitt Law. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. They took care of my tickets without me having to even show up in court. I would recommend Bobbitt Law to folks in Austin or Dallas.5/26/17
 Linda B.
I got a speeding ticket from a City of Dallas motorcycle officer (35+ years of driving = 4 total speeding tickets).  Not eligible to take defensive driving and unfamiliar with the process at the municipal court, I hired Bobbitt Law Firm to represent me.
They were well organized and helpful.  I hired them over the phone and the person who answered assured me that they would handle everything.  And they did.
Two court visits – first one, the hearing was deferred to later, second one, the officer could not stay long enough to address the court so my ticket was dismissed.
I definitely got my money’s worth.  To pay the ticket and court costs would have been $275+.  You can do this yourself once you know the process but it helps to have someone taking care of it for you.  If the ticket is not dismissed, they can sometimes negotiate a lower fine but I did not see my lawyer attempt this for anyone in court that day.
Attorney Review
I used Bobbitt Law to help with a traffic violation. Highly recommend using them.
 Adrion Naga El-Bey
My attorney was beyond amazing she got all 4 of my traffic violations dismissed I would most definitely hire her again in the future!5/10/17
 Sherri K.
After 2 1/2 years my speeding traffic ticket was dismissed! Yes, it took a long time, but in the end it was worth it!4/23/17
 Cynthia NelsonCases got dismissed! So happy thank y’all! 4/19/17
 Amber BeckhamGreat law firm and reasonably priced. My case was dismissed. I recommend them!! They were referred to me by a friend. I would definitely use them again in the future!! 4/17/17
 Tamara PardoVery professional. 4/15/17
 Alvaro GonzalezQuick, concise, to the point… I can submit up in one word… Dismissed !!! 4/10/17
 Tommy J.I received a speeding ticket in February 15 in a speed trap set up by the Dallas Police. I called Bobbitt Law the next day & they got right on the case after. To make a long story short, I received a letter today, stating that my case was dismissed. I made them my power of attorney, so they showed up to court in my place & got my case dismissed. I’m so thankful & happy this is over. Thank you Bobbitt Law. 3/28/17
 Paolo TinocoI highly recommend Bobbitt Law to anyone who has been charged with a crime or anyone who believes that charges may be filed against them. Mr. Bobbitt is an incredible person that has had made a career out of helping others. He is not only an incredible person but also an incredible lawyer with only the best intentions for his clients. 3/24/17
 Adrion Naga El-BeyWonderful! 3/21/17
 Blanca G.Tengo mas de 5 anos usando los servicios de Bobbit law  y en mi experiencia an sido lo mas amigables y servicales hablando en espanol perfectamente. 3/21/17
 Marisol RuizAwesome attorney got my case dismissed and I didn’t even have to show up for court. 3/20/17
 Dory DewittExtremely trustworthy and helpful! 3/6/17
 Dominique M.I would like to thank Bobbitt Law for representing me in court!!! I had 6 traffic tickets, 5 of them were dismissed!! I have 1 left that I will soon hand over to them!! Lol. Thank you guys for being amazing, I am a step closer to my goal!!! 2/25/17
 Larry HillThey did a good job for me for all my tickets dismissed. 2/24/17
 Dan RosenbalmI have used Bobbitt law twice with dismissal on both cases. I highly recommend them 2/21/17
 Larry H.Friendly service and great people to work with. They got my citations dismissed. I didn’t even have to show up for court. 2/18/17
 Joshua GarciaMy Mother Hired the law services of Bobbitt Law Firm to take care of her issues, and they have gotten all her cases dismissed with no Fee to a small fee of a couple dollars. They are a reliable Law Firm that will get the job done and I recommend them as they are easily affordable and even a family with some money issues can attain their services. 2/16/17
Jeff StraterI had a ticket for car registration (that had just expired) and the ticket ended up in JP Court since it was a sheriff deputy issuing the citation. I tried to take care of it first and my trip to the JP Court was a bust. I was not even in the system by the dates on the ticket. I tried again months later but no luck. Then I get a letter from the court with a larger fine than expected and that’s where Bobbitt Law came to help. I hired them and paid the fee (much less than my ticket). Then some time passed (due to the JP court) and I got a letter from Bobbitt Law that they handled the citation and kept me from having to pay fines. I saved over $100 by hiring Bobbitt. Key advice is that you have to be patient. The court was much slower than I expected and it was helpful to me that Bobbitt Law was on hand to keep up with the court files and handle on my behalf.2/14/17
Celia Naples
After receiving a citation for speeding I received a letter in the mail from Bobbitt Law. I hadn’t considered hiring an attorney, but kept the letter just in case. I looked up my fine on the city website and realized the officer had made a mistake in my citation. I thought about contacting the judge myself but decided I would be better off with an attorney. After speaking with a staff member at Bobbitt I felt like I would be in good hands. And I am happy to say I was right. I contacted them once via email and received a prompt and courteous response. I appeared in court as scheduled followed the attorney’s advice and my case was dismissed. No fine, no points on my record. Thank you Bobbitt Law!1/31/17
Jordan Elekwachi
Bobbitt law was amazing in helping me with my tickets, thank you!!!1/29/17
Yolanda HernandezBest lawyer in town!!1/24/17
Adrienne SeguraI received a speeding ticket and replied to a mailer I got from Bobbitt law. They responded quickly and were thorough with instructions on proceedings. They kept up with communication all the way till the end when they managed to get my ticket dismissed. I definitely recommend Bobbitt law.12/27/16
Kelly O.I stand corrected in my earlier review because Laura Phelan stepped-up and did the right thing. She went out of her way to make my (citation) situation right with the courts which thanks to our city’s stellar staff became a huge boondoggle. Good job Laura!12/19/16
Brenda WootenEasy process, very straightforward12/18/16
David C.Bobbitt Law provided me with effective service and handled my case with a great deal of care, communication and success. Choose your defense carefully and make sure you have adequate representation for your case. Thank you Bobbitt Law!12/4/16
Painless process. Economically priced too. My attorney did a fantastic job having my case dismissed.11/22/16
Frederick Brown
I have have used Sullo&bobbitt for years traffic tickets and all have been dismissed and nothing on my record i totally love these guys they are awesome i will suggest and refer them to anyone11/17/16
Teresa A.Great all the way around. They were able to get all 4 violations dismissed. I refer everyone to Bobbitt Law. Thank you for everything.11/13/16
Jennifer Clubb
Bobbitt Law is great! I received communications by phone and or email throughout the entire process so I didn’t need to worry about my case. I just received a letter that my case for a bus stop arm violation was dismissed! The firm stuck with working the case for almost a year and I couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend. 🙂10/30/16
Rosiceli HernandezGreat Customer service. Always answered all my questions, explained the process to me. They helped me and the issue was resolved without any further action required from me.10/29/16
Jessica MartinezDeff recommend the Bobbit Law Firm to anyone needing legal services. They r assisting me with a few tickets and so far I am very satisfied with the outcomes and professionalism from attorney Jason and the management team. Prices are fair and I love that I haven’t had to miss work to appear in court9/27/16
Patrick BarrowsI called them, gave them my information and it was all taken care of. I did have to pay some of the ticket but its not on my record.8/15/16
Shaffer T. Cormell
Great Job by a great team!
The team at Bobbitt Law did a great job handling my case. I could not be happier with the outcome and would highly recommend the firm to anyone in need.
David CrockettThey did an excellent job helping me with my Speeding Ticket in Austin. I would Highly Recommend them to anyone who asked. I wish they had an San Antonio office.8/8/16
Miriam Rangel-Silos
(Star review only)8/8/16
threehundred angryhorsesThey helped me out with a few tickets now. The charges were reasonable (comparable or lower to what others charge) and worth it for the piece of mind gained when going to court with good representation. I have recommended them to friends.8/1/16
Nazib Choudhury(Star review only)7/31/16
Rrs Promos(Star review only)7/31/16
Bridgett Gainus
This office was fast, efficient, and accommodating to my schedule I never had to go their office which was very conveint. I would recommend this firm to my friends, and family.7/30/16
Darin Swayne
Great to work with.7/30/16
Phillip LemmonsBarry and his team are true professionals. I highly recommend Bobbitt Law to anyone in need of legal services.7/29/16
Peter R.The firm treated me with respect i have a CDL is my living. The attorney in charge of my case protected my rights and make sure I didn’t pay too much.7/28/16
Deborah Byrd
Liked my results7/21/16
Twymeika ‘Jendayi’ Hill-Jones
I was a very satisfied client! They took care of it with ease! Lifted the warrant expeditiously and when i went to court, I was in and out of court without paying a thing. They were very good at returning phone calls during the process! I have recently signed on to complete my last outstanding ticket!7/20/16
Linda BouldinTook care of my ticket quickly and without issue.7/20/16
Shonda Kelley
Great Job! Very professional….7/19/16
Gwyn C.Bobbitt law firm was great, they represented me professionally and quickly and resolved my issues with 1 phone call.7/18/16
Andreda AnthonyGot my traffic ticket dismissed. Would highly recommend Bobbitt law7/18/16
Travis HiseBarry and his team do a great job. I recommend them to my friends and family anytime they are in need. Great attorneys and a caring staff.7/17/16
Billy Preston(Star review only)7/15/16
Vic Alarcon(Star review only)7/15/16
David Heguy(Star review only)7/15/16
Evonya SpearmanI had got two tickets for illegal tint and no driver’s license they turn into warrants got them lifted my tickets got dismissed I didn’t have to go to court at all shout out to Bobbitt Law they are the best7/15/16
Marques Maddox
They took care of my tickets.I got everything dismissed7/14/16
Allison Richie
(Star review only)7/14/16
Semu SemuAwesome service, used Bobbitt law firm to clear a traffic ticket 4yrs ago. And they were fantastic they did all the court appearances for me making the whole process painless.7/14/16
Excellent Job
Bobbitt Law has helped me on many occasions. They have an attentive staff and are very well organized. I have used them for about 3 years now for traffic citations all with good and excellent results.
Zein E Obagi Jr
I have friends in Texas and if ever they were to stumble upon a need for a criminal defense attorney, I would send them straight to Barry Bobbitt. His team fights hard for their clients, and has longstanding relationships with the prosecutors and judges built on trust that make him the best type of advocate you want in your corner.5/27/16
Not bad
I took 2 citations to this attorney a few years ago. I went to court about a year later (thinking I’m going to one court date for both citations), and was told they scheduled some people incorrectly so my court date was actually the following day. I showed up the following day, and was told I was not on the dockets for that day either. The representative from Bobbitt Law (Christopher, I believe) spoke with me about it, went back in the court room for a few minutes, then came out and apologized saying that the judge had said since the bookings were messed up and they wasted my time, my case was dismissed. I asked, “both of them?” and Christopher said “uhh…..yeah.” He didn’t seem too sure and I know I should have gotten something in writing stating this, but it turned out they were not both dismissed that day. A year later I was arrested for some outstanding traffic citations, including one that was taken to Bobbitt Law and I had presumed dismissed. When I called about it, they were very helpful and advised me that they were still the attorney on record for the case, so they could still go to court for me. Apparently I had missed a court date for the first citation that hadn’t been dismissed, but I do not remember receiving any kind of letter about the court date, or one for missing it. Regardless, the attorney went back to court for the citation a second time, even though it was years later and I had already failed to appear for that case, and was able to get it dismissed.
Satisfied with the service from Bobbitt Law
My attorney from Bobbitt Law successfully assisted me in getting my case dismissed on 3/29/2016.
Travis County DWLI
Extremely satisfied with the services of Bobbitt Law Firm. They were able to get my DWLI case dismissed as well as the speeding and no motorcycle enforcement deferred.
Annette Smith
(Star review only)4/18/16
Ticket Dismissal
I’m a CDL holder was ticketed in my personal vehicle. Points were to be assessed to my license, attorneys worked a deal with the municipal court to have the ticket dismissed. Thanks for the good work!
Best customer service
They keeped in contact with me as soon on when was my court date their prices were affordable I would recommend to get Bobbitt law in the future.
Smooth and reliable
My case was explained thoroughly. Answered all questions and gave me the feeling that he was really working to get me the best deal. Could work on reaching out to keep one up-to-date about the case though.
The best ticket attorney in Texas
I had one current ticket and 7 old tickets. I had to go to court 3 times with no waiting in the court room. Each appearance not taking more than 15 minutes of my time and all 8 tickets were dismissed. 8 for 8 unbelievable 100% dismissals. I do not think a lawyer could get any better. And as for the price- It was very inexpensive- I was able to make payments- and they lifted the warrants after the first payment. Thank You Bobbitt Law you get my thumbs-up and 5 stars for doing a great job. I would recommend anyone who has a ticket this is who you need to call.
a great attorney
After receiving a speeding ticket, I contacted Bobbitt Law. I went to court and met Barry Bobbitt who said he would do everything he could to get the ticket dismissed and he did. I am very pleased with the way everything was handled.
Good Job
Bobbitt Law explained everything that needed to be done on my part. They did not promise anything, but advised that they would work hard to either get the ticket dismissed or to a reduced fine. They did what they said they would do and I’m grateful for it.
Lawyers were efficient
I met the lawyer in court and he gave me specific instructions on what was going on, and clear follow up steps. They also contacted me frequently to keep me posted on the status of my case
Leticiaquick service
I was very impressed with the way mister mother take care of my case I told over the phone I paid for it and before I knew it within less than a week I had a letter saying that he had been taken care of and very impressive thank you very much
Gilberto M.
First, I haven’t been given any remuneration in exchange for leaving a review, I’m doing it it because I am completely satisfied with the service I obtained. Both tickets, one speed and one overweight, were summarily dismissed with myself only having to pay $145 for representation. Not only that, as a self-employed truck diver, it was extremely cheap and convenient to have representation that meant I did not have to lose a day’s work to show up in court. I will definitely recommend them to family and friends. Fully worth the money.10/16/15
Tonia M.
I had a very good experience with this law firm!! Ticket dismissed that was $483!! I would recommend them and use them any time.10/6/15
Alex Hernandez
They handle my case very well8/28/15
Travis Henry
Bobbitt law is the best law firm I’ve used and believe me I’ve broke the law numerous times.. a har har , no seriously they have gotten 3 tickets dismissed for me and friends recently & their customer service rocks & all employees were friendly & inviting when I went to the office to sign my papers!8/27/15
Brian Donald
They took care of my tickets In Court . I didn’t have to show up I court. And was great8/17/15
Ricky King
I hired Bobbitt Law Firm to handle my assault threat case at the very last minute after finding out that i had one..Price was reasonable and they begin to handle the case right away. The attorney that was assigned to my case was very professional and on time at every court hearing until the case was finally dismissed. I recommend Bobbitt Law to anyone who need a good law firm with reasonable price and fight hard for your needs.If i need further assistance in the near future for legal purposes, Bobbitt Law Firm will be the first people i call for all my legal needs..Thanks again Bobbitt Law for your help7/20/15
Mike F.
Bobbitt Law in Austin did great work on my traffic ticket case (tailgating). The receptionists were always responsive to requests, and the case workers I talked with on the phone explained everything about what I was getting in to, and how the court process goes. Some have complained on here that they did not receive emails or letters, but I had precise information of every event (and the municipal court has all the details of the case online).
The attorney I was assigned, Mr. Martin, was patient in explaining all my options and advising me of the best course. In the end, he went along with my request to go to trial, and was proactive with the prosecutor as the trial started (leading to a dismissal).
The firm gave me no guarantee of winning, but to me, the fee is small ($70) and worth it to have the help and information along the way, even if I lose in the end. And they raise the odds of winning.
Melli M.
Great results! Needs better communication. Will definitely refer and use again.6/11/15
Skyler Nelson
I had 2 speeding violations back to back and they were able to dismiss one and get the other one of my record as long as I completed a fine and traffic school. I was very happy with the outcome and would use them again.6/9/15
Maggie Panameno

I would recommend Bobbitt Law firm to anyone, especially to those with a busy schedule that don’t have time to go back and forth to the courts. Bobbit Law Firm was able to get my traffic ticket dismissed and it will not show in my driving record! They are fast, easy, convenient, and i didn’t have to miss a day of my life to deal with traffic courts in Dallas. Thank you so much Barry Bobbitt!6/5/15
Nolan Poppen
They were awesome they got my date changed for me when I neglected to show up and eventually the case was dismissed. 5 out of 56/2/15
Donovan Williams
Initially got a decent plea deal that would make my FTYROW ticket not go on my record. However, my attorney suggested we take it to a trial- due to the circumstances he felt that no civilian witness would show on the court day. He was correct and my ticket got dismissed. I spent a total of about 1.5 hours at the courthouse over two separate appearances. Fast, easy, and convenient- I’d use them again.6/1/15
Linda B.
I got a speeding ticket from a City of Dallas motorcycle officer (35+ years of driving = 4 total speeding tickets). Not eligible to take defensive driving and unfamiliar with the process at the municipal court, I hired Bobbitt Law Firm to represent me.
They were well organized and helpful. I hired them over the phone and the person who answered assured me that they would handle everything. And they did.Two court visits – first one, the hearing was deferred to later, second one, the officer could not stay long enough to address the court so my ticket was dismissed.
I definitely got my money’s worth. To pay the ticket and court costs would have been $275+. You can do this yourself once you know the process but it helps to have someone taking care of it for you. If the ticket is not dismissed, they can sometimes negotiate a lower fine but I did not see my lawyer attempt this for anyone in court that day.
Sarah Henderson
Yay, I am so happy that my speeding ticket was dismissed. Thank you to Bobbitt Law for helping me get this out the way in a timely manner.5/23/15
Jenny M.
Bobbitt Law Firm worked for me. Saved me alot of time and trouble. Payed a small , fee, a portion of the ticket and it stayed off my record. I didn’t have to go to court,,They took care of all that. I would recommend them.5/21/15
Tony Valdez Jr
They took very good care of our case. We definetly will recommend this firm to anyone needing legal representation.5/20/15
Ernesto Flores
I hired Bobbitt Law to handle a case of assault, The firm Bobbitt law assigned Mr. Krist Caldwell to take care of the case against me. He fought for m, like if I was his Brother. Hes is very intelligent, honest and aggressive at the same time. Thanks to Mr. Krist Caldwell and God of course, I was declared innocent by the Jury. I do recommend Mr. Krist Caldwell to take care of your cases. As for I, I hope never to have the need for him or any lawyer. But if I ever do, Mr. Krist Caldwell is my Guy. He is such a nice person with a great personality, He is honest and humble person, I just love Mr. Caldwell. Great terrific lawyer, who knows that he is doing and how to fight for your rights. Mr. Krist Caldwell.5/18/15
Amanda Galindo
It was a good experience and he is great at what he does.5/18/15
Ms M.
These guys are great!!! they take care of their clients!!! The firm makes sure you get the best result all the time, I will always call them for anything legal related. That’s seriously how happy I am with them!!5/15/15
Jessica P.
I GOT 3 tickets at once, including one for speeding in a construction zone with workers present (19 over). All three tickets were dismissed, although it took a couple of years before anything happened. Thank you Bobbitt! Will definitely use them again!5/4/15
Ms. S.
Got very big speeding ticket in 2012. Took almost 3 years but case was totally dismissed – as if it never happened. I’m thrilled that I went with Bobbitt Law!4/28/15
A A.
Bobbitt Law helped me dismiss a ticket I had and lessened the fine. I am really glad I had them on my side. They work hard for you and I recommend anyone who got a traffic ticket in Texas to use them. Thanks Bobbitt Law!!4/28/15
Elissa Sanchez
I had an excellent experience with Bobbit Law and would highly recommend it.4/24/15
C C.
GREAT SERVICE!!! Paid a small fee and got the ticket dismissed. Plus, my insurance will never know!! YAHOO!!! If Bobbitt Law has a bad review, it is because the writer expected a miracle.4/22/15
Jeremy Barker
They handled my speeding ticket case very well. I only paid $35 and they got the ticket thrown out!4/19/15
Daniel P.
Took care of everything. Made it easy for me to get on with life. Would use again.4/15/15
Nicole S.
They took care of me since day one.They even got my ticket dismissed 🙂4/14/15
Marcos Rodriguez
Dismissed my ticket professionally and with ease. I’ve never been to court before but, I felt comfortable due to how the attorney handled everything. Thanks.4/13/15
Tisa Z.
Case painlessly dismissed! The price was right, and they took care of all of the details! Thanks a million!4/12/15
Sheralyn H.
i received a speeding ticket in a school zone at a time when school zone was not in session. They had my ticket dismissed without me even having to show up and it saved me money and points on my driving record4/10/15
Ruben F.
I had a great experience with Bobbitt Law Firm. I got a speeding ticket and went to court and it was dismissed! I was always informed of the status and could even to go online to their website to check on status. If I ever get another ticket I will be using Bobbitt Law Firm!4/6/15
Aaron Gilbreath
Took my case to court and won! My lawyer did an impressive job in a court known not to grant many ‘non-guilty’ verdicts to defendants (City of Arlington). He was able to prove discrepancies in the officer’s testimony and showed the jury that the officer pulled me over for a suspected reason and then wrote a bogus ticket for another. Highly recommend, Thanks!4/1/15
Garrick Haug
Took care of it all…..no hassle or worries.Thanks again!4/1/15
William Spake
They handled my speeding ticket great would recommend them to anyone….. I’ll use you all evertime!THANKS BOBBIT LAW!3/26/15
Justin & Trisha Hawker
I decided to use Bobbitt Law after my sister recommended them and after I could not get anyone on the phone when I tried to call James Mallory. I was always able to talk to someone at Bobbitt without a hassel. Though the Fort Worth Court system made me wait almost 3 years… they got my traffic tickets dismissed. I will definitely use them again if need be.3/23/15
Deke Conine
Great service… highly recommend!3/17/15
Dana Pohlmann
10 out of 10. Would crash my car again just for the privilege to be defended by Bobbitt Law. They were able to get my ticket dismissed. It was really simple and easy. no problems! Thanks again, Bobbitt Law.3/16/15
Melissa Stevens
I recieved a speeding ticket last year that I was quite confident I was going to have to pay for it. After showing up for court I did not even need to see a judge as it had already been dismissed. Bobbitt Law firm saved me a lot of money and I would recommend them to anybody. Matt Stevens3/13/15
Pink Hoskins
I can count on Bobbitt Law! 👍👍3/11/15
Clay B
Bobbitt Law kept my ticket off my driving record by going to court on my behalf without me being there!3/8/15
Dimitar D.
Bobbitt Law Firm Dallas took care of my speeding ticket today. It was dismissed. They have been working on my case for 3 years and now I did not have to pay for the ticket and and it is not on my record. GREAT JOB Bobbitt Law!3/6/15
John Pepe
Received a speeding ticket. Have not had a speeding ticket in over 40 years. Called Bobbit Law Austin and was instructed what I should do I followed their advice. Met the lawyer at traffic court. He was able to get the judge to agree to not have points on my driving record. Gladly paid the fine. Well worth the cost.3/6/15
Matthew Beeson
Great way to help with those traffic tickets. Unfortunately I didn’t see the no turn on red, but Bobbitt Law helped me out. Thanks!3/6/15
Tommie Watkins
bobbittlaw did my case last month and i was happy with the outcome but wish it had been throw out otherwise it turned out ok3/6/15
Dazzle George

I hired Bobbitt Law for my speeding ticket and they took care of it admirably.3/5/15
David Jefferson
I wish I could add more stars because my experience with Bobbit Law has been amazing. Beginning with my first encounter with them, they honored being the cheapest and best to represent me. The Legal Assistant are nice , warm and willing to serve you as a customer. If I need assistance again I will definitely contact Bobbit Law Firm first!3/4/15
Greg Konikowski
This company is awsome I did not even have to go to court. I beat one ticket and the other adjudicated, I reccomend this lawfirm.3/4/15
Laura Tucker
It was super quick and easy. They even matched another offer I got by $5. We’re just getting started, so we’ll see how the rest goes…I’ll be using in future if all goes well.3/3/15
Johnny Manivong
They are awesome. Got my ticket dismissed.3/3/15
Mitch McKnight
I didn’t make a complete stop at a stop sign and got a ticket for $209. I hired Bobbitt Law for $75 and got the ticket dismissed (officer didn’t show up at hearing). The entire process was very easy. I would recommend Bobbitt to anyone trying to fight a traffic ticket.3/1/15
Antonio Green
Very professoinal, very timely, I like them and will continue to use their services.2/27/15
Bolanle Alade
Very simple and easy!!! Very confident and informative!! Thank you!!!2/26/15
Leah Jones
I hired Kris Caldwell and he did such an amazing job on case. Even better then what I was expecting. Best law firm in Dallas.2/20/15
Angel Trevino
Kris Caldwell is the best attorney. I will never hire anyone else again. If you have a legal problem go to Bobbitt Law, they will help you.2/20/15
Henry M.
I was hit with a speeding thru a school zone. After I realized I was over my head, I hired Bobbitt Law to represent me. Well without a lawyer it probably would have cost me $300. But with Bobbitt law I paid NOTHING!!! Case dismissed!!! Bobbitt Law is my lawyer for life!!11/1/14
Carole A.
I received a parking ticket at the airport for parking in a handicapped space. My husband was using my car and forgot it needs the hanger instead of license plates. I sent a copy of his hanger but it was denied and I had to go to Court. By now, because I didn’t ask for a court date within so many days, my ticket was up to $535.00 plus fees. Thank you Sullo & Bobbitt for having two attorneys in court yesterday – my ticket was dismissed!! I am so grateful I was told about this firm and would recommend them highly!6/23/11
Gary L.
Psalm 11 sums up with “The Lord does what is right, and He loves Justice, so honest people will see his face.” I recently had a dispute with the city of Dallas over code enforcement issues, one relating to religious persecution over a symbol on a company vehicle similar to one hanging in my window. The court offered a plea out, but I did not accept it, it was about God, and their was no option for compromise. My attorney Jason R., shifted gears and extemporaneously mounted a 5 1/2 hour defense that was second to none. I have been a skeptic of the legal system in the past, I now have a renewed faith not only in the justice system, but a whole new RESPECT for the people (LAWYERS) who defend us. The Judge showed great respect to Jason’s expertise as she admonished the people who were so irresponsibly prosecuting in error. Not Guilty on both counts!!! I thank God for this firm, Justice was served righteously.9/29/11
A Google User
They didn’t notify me immediately that my court date had changed (I found that out on my own), but when it came to my date in court it worked out great! The attorney let us know she was there for us that morning and handled everything. She was able to have the prosecutor drop the ticket! Best money spent – thanks again!1/7/11
Dr. Marc
(Star review only)1/7/11
Head and shoulders above the rest These are the only attorneys who will actually represent you at court. I know a lot of people who use them.10/5/10
thumbs i’m happy with their representation & cost.7/29/10