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There are many reasons you could require the services of a Dallas, Austin or Fort Worth personal injury attorney. In the world we live in today, accidents are increasingly common, and in some cases those accident happen as a direct result of another’s negligence. There are a wide variety of personal injuries and work injuries which can occur in Texas.

  • Auto AccidentInjuries sustained from an auto accident such as car wreck which were caused by the other driver’s negligence
  • Slip & FallSlip and fall injuries either in a public place or at work
  • Construction AccidentsAccidents on a construction site
  • Medical MalpracticeInjuries due to medical malpractice
  • Elderly NeglectNegligence leading to injury in an elderly person residing in a nursing home
  • Industrial AccidentsIndustrial accidents including refinery or oil rig explosions
  • Defective ProductsInjuries due to defective products such as an airbag which fails to deploy
  • Drug & Medical DeviceInjuries sustained from a dangerous drug or medical device
  • Catastrophic InjuriesCatastrophic injuries received from any type of negligence on the part of an individual or corporation
What Qualifies You for a Dallas, Austin or Fort Worth Personal Injury Case?

If the actions of the person or entity which caused your accident were careless or negligent then you may have a personal injury or work injury case and be able to receive compensation for your injuries in Texas. Carelessness or negligence is defined as failure to do what a reasonable person would have done under the same circumstances. As an example, suppose a driver runs a red light, hits another car and injures the other vehicle’s passengers. The driver was obviously negligent as a reasonable person would have stopped at the red light. Therefore the negligent or careless driver is responsible for any resulting injuries, disabilities or death. An injury does not necessarily have to be physical in order for damages to be sought; in many cases when a person is subjected to extreme emotional distress or verbal abuse a personal injury case is warranted. If a death resulted from the negligence of another, the surviving family members may also be able to recover damages the laws of wrongful death.

What are Compensable Damages?

Compensable damages must be documented and must have a concrete or tangible value such as medical expenses, loss or damage to property or loss of wages due to the inability to work. An experienced Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth personal injury attorney from Bobbitt Law can examine your specific case facts to determine your best options for recovery and to decide whether your injuries qualify for filing a personal injury or work injury case. For most injuries, your lawyer will determine whether a third party was responsible (in addition to the obvious responsible party); if so, it might be possible to prove the responsibility of this third party and recover damages from them as well. In some instances there may be multiple responsible parties, in which case they will all be named. If your injuries resulted from an automobile accident in which another was partially responsible, yet you also bear some degree of responsibility, then your recovery could be reduced according to your percentage of fault or, in some circumstances, your recovery could be prevented altogether. This is why it’s important to select the right attorney to represent you and handle your case properly.

Other Issues Regarding Personal Injury Cases

Even if your injuries were relatively minor, don’t discount your ability to receive monetary damages. No matter how much your damages amount, you are entitled to reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for your injuries. When extreme negligence has occurred, punitive, or “punishment” damages, may be recovered as well to ensure such negligent conduct is not repeated. The last few years has also seen an increase in the use of mediation as a method of resolving personal injury claims. Particularly in cases which would be extremely expensive or difficult to litigate, a mediator may be able to arrive at a compromise between the two parties. When mediation is successful, the claim is ended and the injured party receives the agreed-upon settlement. When the mediation is unsuccessful then the case proceeds through regular litigation, including a possible jury trial.

Settlements Which You May Be Entitled

Depending on the facts surrounding your particular personal injury case, the law firm you choose may be able to recover medical expenses (past, present and projected), lost wages (past, present and projected), services you now require as a result of the injury such as caregivers or caretakers, pain and suffering, permanent disability, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish or disfigurement. An informal settlement could be negotiated between your lawyer and the other party’s attorney in an attempt to avoid a jury trial, or if your case is very strong and the other side is unwilling to settle, your attorney may advise going straight to trial. Call us today for high quality legal representation. The Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth personal injury lawyers of Bobbitt Law has experienced personal injury attorneys that can provide you with the highest level of representation to help achieve the best possible outcome of your case.


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