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Anyone who is facing any charge related to assault or battery needs to hire an experienced Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth assault attorney as soon as possible. An assault charge can be extremely serious and affect the rest of your life. Whether you are being accused of poking someone in the chest, hitting your husband or wife or threatening someone verbally, you could face many years in jail, a fine or community service. Make sure you have the knowledge and experience of Bobbitt Law attorneys on your side.

What is Assault?

Under Texas law, you can be charged with assault in three different ways. Those ways are:

1. Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing injury to a person, including a spouse, family member or partner.

2. Intentionally or knowingly threatening to hurt someone.

3. Intentionally or knowingly taking action that is seen as provoking someone to hit you back.

In some cases, you could be arrested simply for being loud and obnoxious around your family or friends. Under Texas law, you can be charged and convicted merely by making someone legitimately fearful for their physical safety.

Punishment for Assault & Battery in Texas

For a first assault offense, you could be fined up to $4,000 and charge with a Class A misdemeanor. A jail sentence of up to two years could be imposed on someone who hurts a family member, an elderly person or an official during a sporting event. Prosecutors will usually decide before the trial begins to upgrade or add charges against you.

If you hurt or threaten someone with a weapon, you could face up to 20 years in jail. Anyone who is convicted of a Class A felony could be sentenced to life in prison. The most severe punishment is reserved for those who threaten public officials or witnesses to a crime.

Bobbitt Law Can Defend Your Case

There are a few ways that you can defend yourself in court against assault charges. First, your Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth attorney can assert that you felt that your own safety was being threatened. For example, if someone were to push you or punch you, you have the right to fight back. If someone threatens to kill you or points a gun at you, you have the right to shoot first. Those who were protecting a loved one or another person being assaulted could have a valid defense if they are accused of assaulting someone.

If you are facing assault charges, you need to hire a Bobbitt Law attorney who can defend you against those charges. You don’t want to spend time in jail or pay a large fine because you were defending yourself or because a petty family fight escalated more than you intended it to. With a good lawyer, you may be able to escape the harshest penalties or escape punishment altogether.


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