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If you are charged with a crime in the DFW area, you are going to want to have an experienced attorney on your side. Whether you have been charged with a DUI, theft or domestic violence, Bobbitt Law Firm’s Criminal Attorneys in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin will fight for you and help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible in your case. We defend our clients in criminal cases involving:

What Is Criminal Law?

Criminal law is the branch of the law that deals with serious criminal offenses where the defendant may be ordered to go to jail or be put on probation if convicted. A criminal trial is decided by a jury of 6-12 people who will decide based on the evidence presented at trial if the defendant is guilty or not guilty.

Know Your Rights: Contact a Criminal Lawyer

The criminal defense legal process can be an extensive one. The first part of the legal process involves investigators trying to collect as much evidence as possible against you. During this initial phase of the legal process, it may be to your benefit to contact a lawyer. Representatives from the Bobbitt Law Firm will be happy to represent you and ensure that your rights are preserved. In the event that an investigator obtains evidence illegally, an attorney can fight to have that evidence sealed during trial. Using illegally obtained evidence may also be grounds for appeal if you are convicted of a crime.

Resolve the Case Before it Starts

It may be possible to resolve your case before you even go to trial. Your attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor in your case to come to an agreement that allows you to escape a harsh sentence. For example, pleading to a charge of reckless driving in a DUI case could allow you to keep your license and avoid jail time. It may also allow you to keep your record clean, which is important when trying to get a job or doing something as simple as registering to vote.

Your Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth Attorney Will Fight at Trial

If necessary, you can go to trial to fight the charge or charges against you. Your Dallas and Fort Worth attorney at Bobbitt Law will do everything in his or her power to clear your name or help you get a favorable verdict if you are found guilty on one or more charges. During trial, your attorney will cross-examine witnesses, present you as a good person to the jurors at your trial and take other steps to get a judge to be lenient toward you. An attorney will also work to have charges dropped during the trial if the evidence presented against you is insufficient or circumstantial.

It is important that your rights are protected during a criminal case. In the United States, a defendant is presumed innocent until he or she is proven guilty. Lawyers are bound by the Constitution to provide the best possible defense to all of their clients. Therefore, you should look for someone who cares about their role in the legal system and is willing to fight for you until you win your case or obtain a favorable outcome. Bobbitt Law provides criminal defense for defendants in Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth.

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