Texas Warrant Roundup

The cities of Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving will soon be immersed in the yearly Great Texas Warrant Roundup. A grace period exists for a couple of weeks, starting the second week in February, before the enforcement phase begins in earnest. During the enforcement phase of the warrant roundup, those with outstanding warrants could find themselves arrested at the most inopportune time—at work, school or while you are having dinner with your family. Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving jurisdictions will participate with over 200 other Texas jurisdictions to clear their books of outstanding City of Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving traffic tickets — most of which have been issued a Failure to Appear and subsequent warrant for arrest.

How to Deal with Outstanding Warrants

Hundreds of notices have been mailed out as well as phone calls made and notices left on front doors in an attempt to notify all those with an active Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington or Irving warrant against them. While the primary target are those who have Class C misdemeanor warrants such as a City of Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington or Irving traffic ticket, penal code violation, or citation for parking infractions, some higher-charge warrants could also be issued by Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving during this warrant roundup.

Following the grace period phase, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving law enforcement personnel will actively target all those on the warrant list. Bear in mind that the police don’t care where you are at the time of your arrest. You may be at home watching television with your family, at school, or at work with co-workers and even your boss looking on as handcuffs are snapped on your wrists. If you have any idea that you may have neglected to pay your traffic fines or missed a court date, it’s important that you do some further research to determine whether an arrest warrant has been issued with your name on it.

Avoiding a Trip in a Police Cruiser

If there is a City of Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington or Irving warrant with your name on it, it is likely you received a traffic ticket in the Class C misdemeanor category. This class of misdemeanor is generally reserved for traffic violations such as speeding, running a stop sign or stop light, driving with an expired registration or inspection sticker or a variety of other relatively minor offenses. Red light camera tickets and parking tickets fall under the Class C misdemeanor category as well. The range of more serious traffic offenses which will involve damage to property, personal injury or intoxication will be classified under a Class A or B misdemeanor.

Class C misdemeanor violations are only punishable through fines, and although they are considered a criminal offense, they do fall under the most minor category of criminal offenses. If you received a traffic violation you either agreed to pay the fine in full by a specific date, or you agreed to appear before a judge and enter your plea. If you simply drop a check in the mail, then you have pled guilty and a conviction for the offense will be reflected on your driving record. Any conviction on your record causes you to begin accruing points which in turn lead to state and local surcharges, the suspension of your license, skyrocketing insurance rates, and other repercussions related to your job or even your personal life. If you’ve ignored a Dallas traffic ticket, don’t sit back and hope it will go away. It’s very likely that there is a City of Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington or Irving warrant for your arrest out there which could lead to your arrest—an arrest that could cause humiliation and employment consequences should you be arrested in front of your co-workers or boss. The attorneys of Bobbitt Law are well-versed in these matters and will compassionately review your specific case, discussing the matter with you then working aggressively on your behalf to avoid future complications.

What To Do If Your Name is On the Warrant List

Perhaps you simply overlooked paying a parking or traffic ticket, or forgot to show up in a Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington or Irving court on your appointed date. Rather than throw yourself at the mercy of the courts, it is much better for you and your future to contact a Bobbitt Law attorney in Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving who can post a bond on your behalf which immediately lifts the threat of an arrest. Our firm has an extensive amount of experience in these matters and will work hard to provide the most positive outcome, possibly even getting your original traffic tickets dismissed.

A Bobbitt Law attorney could possibly negotiate a plea bargain with the City which will prevent your traffic ticket from becoming a black mark on your record. If a deal can be negotiated which will lessen the negative consequences of your warrant and underlying tickets, you will be much better off than should you write out a check and pay your tickets, hoping for the best. The Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving warrant roundup is upon us, so don’t wait any longer to take care of your old tickets and lift the threat of an arrest. Contact Bobbitt Law today and let us put your mind at ease.


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