Will my case get adequately tracked and handled if I hire online?

Yes, we track every case going through our system and a representative will call you within 24 hours of processing your case online to confirm we are handling your case and answer any questions you may have. From there it’s the same as if you hired us over the phone or in the office.

I have a warrant for my arrest, can you still help me?

Yes we can in most circumstances. If you have simply missed your ticket appearance or court date then we can post a bond for a small additional fee and represent your case as if you were never in warrant status. Since we are the attorney representing you at court, we can get the bond posted for a significantly reduced fee than a bond company or paying a cash bond to the court.

The only circumstances in which we cannot help you is if you previously pled your case to a plea deal and then never paid your fine to the court; your only option in those circumstance is to pay the court the original agreed terms of your plea deal.

Why don’t I just pay the fine at court?

That would result in a guilty finding on your record, which could cause you to incur surcharges for future license renewals and can significantly increase your insurance rates. When we represent you, our attorneys can:

  • Fight to get the citation dismissed so you won’t owe any additional fines or fees;
  • Fight to get the fine reduced;
  • Usually keep the violation off your record;
  • If multiple violations, may be able to get one violation dropped in exchange for pleaing out the other.
  • Have experience dealing with courts and judges, who often aren’t sympathetic when dealing with unrepresented defendants.
  • Will fully represent you at trial for no additional fee if you don’t like the city’s offer.

That sounds like a good deal but am I going to owe additional fees?

There are no additional legal fees. The price you pay includes our attorney services including trial if necessary. If you choose to enter into a plea agreement to keep the violation off your driving record, as a part of that plea agreement, you may owe additional fees to the court.

Do you guarantee to get my case dismissed?

No, we cannot guarantee any result. However, our attorneys will fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf and will even take your case to trial if you want (for no additional fee in most cases). Also we have a very high success rate in keeping violations off our client’s driving record so your insurance is not negatively affected.

Are you able to tell me specific details of plea deals or what will happen at court?

We’re unable to provide that information since it will largely depend on the law and what evidence the city has against you. However, you will have adequate time to visit with an attorney at court who will be able to recommend the best options in your situation after reviewing your case.

Do I have to go to court?

That’s completely your choice. It’s more difficult to get a case dismissed if you are not present at court so if you want to fight your case or know you want a trial, then we recommend you attend court. However, some clients don’t want to attend court and ask us to get the best possible deal; in those circumstances, you will need to contact our office a couple of weeks prior to the court date and sign a ‘Power of Attorney’ which authorizes us to plea your case to the best possible deal.

Do I have to come into the office to sign paperwork?

No, for your convenience you can make the payment over the phone by calling 800-9810-9986 or online here. If there is any paperwork to fill out, we will email, fax or mail that to you. Of course, if it makes you feel more comfortable you’re always free to visit one of our conveniently located offices.

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