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Have you been issued a traffic ticket in Texas? Or even have a warrant for your arrest due to outstanding tickets? You may be facing large increases in your insurance rates, hefty fines, and the loss of your driver’s license. Before you start paying your fines, let one of our of experienced traffic ticket lawyers fight for your rights and your driving record. Consult our Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin today to fight your traffic ticket.

At Bobbitt Law Firm, our Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin traffic ticket lawyer is determined to get your case cleared and your record clean. With over 10 years of experience and over 80,000 satisfied clients, our attorneys are prepared to fight to help you with your traffic tickets.

We defend our clients in traffic ticket cases involving:

  • Traffic Tickets
  • Arrest Warrants
  • Old Tickets
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Red Light Tickets
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Tickets
  • Failure to Appear Warrants
  • No Insurance Violations

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Fighting Speeding Tickets and Other Moving Violations

Moving violations occur while the vehicle is in motion and while typically charged as a Class C misdemeanor, these violations can be charged as Class A or B misdemeanors or, in more serious cases, can be charged as a felony. A moving violation will generally involve paying a fine and you will have to deal with the points which are placed on your permanent driving record.

Fighting a moving violation is a good idea most of the time in order to avoid the long-term effects and the points on your license. Speeding is considered a moving violation, as are failure to yield right-of-way, defective headlight or brake light, expired, improper or missing license plates, improper child restraint, following too closely, failure to use turn signal, improper passing, not wearing a seatbelt and switching lanes rapidly in an attempt to get ahead of traffic.

The most common moving violation is, of course, speeding with failure to yield right-of-way following closely. There are also more serious moving violations including incidents of road rage, vehicular homicide, racing on a public road and driving under the influence. Moving violations can be civil or criminal and while both will garner you points and fines, only the criminal violations could land you behind bars. Fighting moving violations such as speeding is almost always a good idea and an even better idea is that you hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer from a Texas law firm—such as those from the Bobbitt Law Firm, PC—who can help those in Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving.

Take Your Traffic Violations Seriously

No matter whether the moving violation is civil or criminal, you should take it very seriously. Failure to pay a relatively minor traffic ticket in the Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving areas or failure to appear before the judge as ordered can cause you to have your driver’s license suspended, add additional fines and even result in a warrant for your arrest. If you are convicted or plead guilty to a traffic ticket, the state of Texas will add two points to your driver’s license for driving more than ten percent over the posted speed limit and three points for any type of moving violation which resulted in an automobile accident. Each point which is added to your driving record can result in an increase in auto insurance rates. The state of Texas will additionally add an annual surcharge should you surpass six points within a 36-month period. Failure to pay the surcharge could result in license suspension.

The Advantages of Hiring a Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington or Irving Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Particularly if you already have one or more tickets on your driving record, hiring an experienced law firm to appear on your behalf and work out the most beneficial course of action is the best solution to a traffic ticket. Many people end up with a suspended driver’s license simply because they didn’t hire a lawyer or take care of their traffic violations in a timely manner. If you, like most Americans, spend a considerable portion of your life behind the wheel of your vehicle, you know how crucial it is that you retain the ability to drive. Whether driving to work, taking the children to school, running errands or engaging in recreational activities, a valid driver’s license is a necessity. Don’t end up with significant repercussions that can last for many years to come.


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